Friday, September 26, 2008

shocking moment teenage temptress Rosie Webster strips on Coronation Street

While ITV dumps its commitment to serious programmes it shows no signs of losing its taste for the salacious.

Coronation Street executives have put the character Rosie Webster at the heart of a tawdry storyline which sees the teenager try to seduce a man twice her age.

The episode will be shown tonight on ITV1, well before the 9pm watershed, and follows the row over Channel 4's Sex Education Show.
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Coronation Street's Rosie Webster, played by Helen Flanagan, attempts to seduce an older man in a tawdry storyline in tonight's episode of the soap

Viewers accused Channel 4 of peddling obscenity after the 8pm show broadcast explicit sexual material and asked school pupils to discuss pornography.

It is not the first time Coronation Street has gone for a shock effect using the Rosie Webster character. She was just 17 when scriptwriters cast her last year as a Lolita-style seductress having a sordid affair with her tutor.

The soap, which is keen for a new femme fatale, has been sexing up the young character's image with increasingly raunchy outfits.

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Confrontation: puts her clothes back on and shows businessman Tony incriminating photos of them kissing

Helen Flanagan, 18, who plays Rosie, said: 'Rosie suddenly became aware that she had a woman's body and wanted to dress sexily.

'Young girls do dress quite sexily. It's not to get attention from men - it just makes you feel good.'

Tonight's show is likely to add to the controversy surrounding soaps and sex.

Pre-watershed EastEnders on BBC1 is also under fire for a storyline in which a paedophile grooms his 15-year-old stepdaughter.
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Bad news: Married Tony is handed more bad news as spurned Rosie proves she has evidence of their affair on her mobile phone


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