Thursday, September 18, 2008

Comedienne Ronni Ancona mocks troubled Amy Winehouse in hilarious spoof

Shoppers in Liverpool got a shock today when they saw Amy Winehouse passed out on the street.

But on closer inspection, it wasn't the troubled singer at all, but comedienne Ronni Ancona.

The funnywoman, 40, dressed as the star and re-created one of many the dramatic events which has befallen Winehouse over the last year.
Ronni Ancona

Doppelganger: Ronni Ancona (L) dresses up as troubled singer Amy Winehouse (R) for a skit for her new TV series

Shoppers at the Met Quarter in Liverpool's city centre were stunned when they saw what they thought to be the Brit and Grammy award-winning singer lying slumped on the ground outside a prestigious men's store.

But on closer inspection, they realised it wasn't the 25-year-old pop star, but an actress 15 years her senior.

Ronni Ancona
Passed out: Ancona lies on the floor as a dishevelled Amy Winehouse

Ancona dressed in a grey dress and heels with Winehouse's trademark matted beehive, heavy eyeliner and tattoo for the skit for the upcoming second series of her BBC show Ronni Ancona & Friends.

After 'collapsing' on the pavement, Ancona was rescued by a concerned security guard who was unaware he was being filmed by her TV crew.

One onlooker, taxi driver Steven Grimshaw, 30, said: 'I saw a woman being picked off the floor by a security guard and recognised her straight away as Amy Winehouse.

'I ran over to get a closer look and got my phone out to take some pictures.

'I was so excited as I've never met anyone that famous before so I tried to get her autograph.

'It wasn't until I bounced over like a child that I saw a camera crew and realised it was a stunt. I felt a right idiot.

'She totally fooled me but luckily I was not the only one.'

Ancona played a host of celebrities, including Winehouse, in the first series of her show last year including Kate Moss, Coleen McLoughlin and Jade Goody.
Ronni Ancona
Up you get luv: A concerned security guard helps 'Amy' off the floor

Ronni Ancona
On her feet again: Ronni picks herself up, giving viewers an impressive view of Amy's tattoos in the process

Ronni Ancona
What have we here then? The security guard questions Amy before sending the singer on her way


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