Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Rex and Nicole go house hunting on the back of his Harley

The path to true love hasn't always run smoothly for Big Brother's Rex and Nicole.

When Nicole joined boyfriend Rex on the Channel 4 reality show the pair seemed to spend most of their time arguing.

And after leaving the house things didn't improve with chef Rex being linked to ex-housemate Stephanie.

But it appears the pair have finally overcome their differences - they were seen going out for a spin on a Harley Davidson before doing a bit of house hunting in London.
Rex and Nicole

Easy rider: Nicole clings to Rex on the back of a Harley Davidson as they go for a spin in north London on Sunday

Rex and Nicole

Out for a spin: Rex's helmet looks a little to small for his head

Wearing matching novelty helmets the pair looked rather comical as they rode around north London on the iconic bike on Sunday afternoon.

Nicole, 24, had a little bother with her American stars and stripes helmet and needed Rex's help.
Rex and Nicole

House hunting: Rex and Nicole seem to have put their differences behind them

Rex, 24, had no trouble with his own German style black helmet, apart from the fact that it looked a bit on the small side.

Undeterred by the credit crunch, the couple were seen looking at houses in London's upmarket Hampstead before going for lunch in a nearby cafe.
Rex and Nicole

Tender moment: Rex and Nicole share a kiss in the Big Brother house


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