Monday, September 22, 2008

J-Lo the Greek Goddess as she strikes a dreamy pose in private photoshoot

After a string of fashion disasters, singer Jennifer Lopez appeared to be a different woman as she posed for a private photo-shoot at the sacred Acropolis in Athens.

Wearing a dreamy flowing strapless blue dress, Lopez gazed intensely into the camera of Greek-born photographer Spyros Poros.

Lopez, with her hair curly, can be seen holding herself up between two huge pillars of the ancient Erechtheion, on the north side of the Acropolis.
Jennifer lopez

Looking the part: Jennifer poses for Greek-born photographer Spyros Poros at the Acropolis in Athens

While it is still unclear what the photos will be used for, there were rumours that they would appear in a weekly magazine.

One fan wrote on the singer's fan site: 'She looks absolutely gorgeous. The whole town is at her feet. She is very friendly and waves to the cameras.'

Jennifer lopez

Another pose: Jennifer Lopez is keeping secret what the photos will be used for

Jennifer lopez

Striking a pose: J-Lo in one of her three outfits

Lopez was in Greece for a single concert on Saturday, wearing three outfits for her performance, including a white Charleston-like dress, a black body-hugging outfit and a gold-coloured short dress with black knee-high boots.

It comes just days after she was criticised for her fashion choices while on holiday in Italy.
Jennifer lopez

Centre of attention: Lopez in a fetching black number surrounded by photographers

Lopez was seen stepping out with beau, Marc Anthony, in a dress that looked suspiciously like a dressing gown.

She had previously selected an ugly brown crumpled smock and gladiator sandals to cruise around on a private yacht belonging to fashion royalty Dolce and Gabbana.
Jennifer lopez

On song: After the photo-shoot, J-Lo wowed her fans in Athens with a vintage concert performance

Jennifer lopez

Uplifting: J-Lo's dazzling routine included her being airlifted by backup dancers


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