Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cheryl Cole wears wedding band for first time since cheating scandal

X Factor judge Cheryl Cole has confirmed that her marriage - and wedding ring - is back on.

The star showed off a diamond-encrusted Jacob & Co jewel during an interview on Friday Night With Jonathan Ross this week as she opened up about her troubled relationship with football star Ashley Cole.

It's the first time Cheryl has been seen wearing a ring on her engagement finger since reports emerged back in January claiming that Cole had been unfaithful.
Cheryl Cole

With this bling: Cheryl Cole was wearing a ring on her engagement finger for the first time in eight months during an interview with Jonathan Ross

The Girls Aloud star told Ross: 'I was tempted to put it [the ring] back on - in his head!

The couple are now back together and quietly working on rebuilding their marriage.

'There's no such thing as a private life in this industry,' she told the host.

'I spoke openly about my marriage in the past and it's come back to hit me in the face. I learnt from the past that you shouldn't do that.
Cheryl Cole

Mrs Cole: The X Factor judge is now quietly rebuilding her marriage

There's something about celebrities having a perfect life... people need to relax and realise we're human too.'

When asked about the media attention marriage received, Cheryl commented: 'All the tabloids have to fill their pages. Even when we're not doing anything it just rolls on.

'Lies would really get to me at one point, it really hurt, but now I just think "whatever".'

The singer also took the opportunity to dismiss speculation of a rivalry with with fellow X-Factor judge Dannii Minogue.

'We just didn't talk about it," Cheryl said. 'It's all water under the bridge; we're both grown women. There's more arguing going on between Simon and Louis.'
Cheryl Cole

Forgiven: Cheryl has taken husband Ashley back despite claims he was unfaithful


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