Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Katie and Peter? Friends fear for marriage over constant put-downs

Katie Price and her husband Peter Andre's three-year marriage is reportedly near to collapse, after it was rocked by a series of increasingly bitter rows.

The couple, who have only just returned from a trip to South Africa to renew their wedding vows, are said to have reached rock bottom.

One friend told Closer magazine that Pete, 35, was sick of being put down by his wife.
Katie price

Peter Andre and Katie Price earlier this year: But behind the scenes the couple's marriage is reportedly rocked by rows

'Pete really has had enough. He's told her that unless she treats him with some compassion and like an equal then their wedding vows don't mean a thing,' the friend said.

Pete also revealed on the couple's ITV show Katie & Peter: The Next Chapter that he thought they would be happier without each other.

'One day, unfortunately, we will go our separate ways and we will probably be happier, but at the moment we're working hard to make this relationship work,' he said.
Katie price

Katie and Peter appear happy in public: But there have been arguments behind the scenes

Pete was apparently left fuming when 30-year-old Katie, who made her fortune as glamour girl Jordan, claimed she knew nothing about his new project - a make-up range for men.

When questioned about it in an interview she replied: 'I've got no idea. When we're at home we don't talk about each other's work.'

A second source told Heat magazine that the latest rows are 'the most serious yet'.

'We all see how she treats him - and it's not nice,' they said. 'No one agrees with Katie, but we're all too afraid to say anything.
Katie price

How it all began: the couple met in the jungle on the I'm a Celebrity... TV show

She undermines Pete constantly. If he's talking about the world of showbiz, she'll say in front of other people: "What do you know about that, Pete? I'm the celebrity" It's really embarrassing for him.

'It's become really nasty and Pete doesn't know how to deal with her. She makes him fell like s***.

'He'll be getting ready and she'll say: "What are you wearing that for." It really upsets him.'

The couple have two children together and Pete has taken over the care of Katie's son Harvey, from an earlier relationship. They met in 2004 while taking part in the ITV show I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here.


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