Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Busy working mum Anna Friel's daughter Gracie joins her morning jog

When you're a busy working mum spending most of your days stuck in a studio, there isn't much time left to spend with your kids.

So when Anna Friel is given a break from the gruelling filming schedules on her hit U.S. show Pushing Daises, she struggles to find the time to work out and be with daughter Gracie.

So what better way to get the most of her free time, by combining her exercise regime with hanging out with her three-year-old daughter.
Anna Friel

Family fitness: Anna Friel, her daughter Gracie and mother Sheila go for a jog in Los Angeles

The British actress, who made her name in Brookside, enjoyed a morning jog near her Los Angeles home with the toddler and her mum Sheila, who is currently over from England visiting.

Dressed in blue shorts and a white vest top, Anna worked up a sweat as she ran near her Hollywood home.

Although the child was a tad too big for her pushchair, Anna wisely pushed Gracie along in it, who would have been unable to keep up with the actress' speedy run.

Following close behind was Anna's mother, who is a teacher, in green khaki shorts and a white vest.

Since moving with Gracie and partner, actor David Thewlis, to Los Angeles last year after landing a role in Pushing Daisies, Anna has transformed her image and lifestyle.

Anna Friel

Getting in shape: Anna started running after moving to Los Angeles last year

She said: 'I'm toned because I've got a trainer and it's very easy to go out running when it's constantly sunny and you don't look outside your window and think: "Damn, it's raining. There's no way I'm going out in that."

Honestly, this is what LA does for you! You learn how to make the best of yourself ' and it works. In England, people think you're dead vain if you do more than shave your legs.

'Now I'm working everything. I do Pilates, I have my 'forever green' juice which tastes disgusting but makes you feel amazing.

'I have regular facials at Kay Saracen, where Demi Moore goes, I have manicures and I look at how these women take care of themselves to look their best.

'And now, if I need to blitz my fitness, my miracle worker is a rowing machine. I rent one to use at home when I want to get in shape quickly - the best ones are those that use real water.

'If you use one every day for just one week you'll feel totally in shape ' it's a really fun way to burn calories and keep fit.'
Anna Friel

Looking good: Anna looked fit and toned in her blue shorts and white vest


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