Thursday, October 9, 2008

'I'm so lazy, I needed a personal trainer to lose my baby weight', reveals Emma Bunton

The likes of Hollywood stars Jessica Alba and Nicole Kidman managed to get back into shape in a matter of months after giving birth.

But for former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, regaining her svelte figure has taken her well over a year.

Admittedly, she said, because she needs pushing to hit the gym.
Emma Bunton

Emma Bunton pictured looking slim and back in shape

The 32-year-old, who lives in London with 13-month old Beau and boyfriend Jade Jones, revealed she eventually had to get a personal trainer because she lacked discipline to exercise alone.

Just eight weeks after she had her first child, Emma was back on stage for the Spice Girls reunion tour.

The star, who is hosting the ITV1 talent show For One Night Only on Sunday, says she felt self-conscious on stage because of her fuller figure.

Emma Bunton

Emma at the Pride of Britain Awards last week and, right, showing off her fuller figure last December at the O2 Arena while on tour with the Spice Girls

But more than a year on, she has finally returned to a trim size 8-10 after getting help from a personal trainer.

She said: 'I couldn't exercise on my own.

'I usually need someone to come and give me an extra push.

'I try to work out two to three times a week and doing a bit on the treadmill as well.

'Being over 30 and having a baby, your body changes and I have to get it up and running a bit these days.'

And perhaps another reason shifting the weight was so difficult can be put down to Emma's sweet tooth.

The former Spice Girl who starred as a guest judge alongside Dannii Minogue on last week's X Factor, told Closer magazine: 'I've got a really sweet tooth so after a healthy dinner I might have a little bit of dessert.

'I'm careful but I'm not too precious about it.'

Down-to-earth Emma said touring with the Spice Girls just eight weeks after giving birth was 'absolute madness'.

She said: 'I remember being on stage during the first show, feeling really self conscious.

'But then I told myself that everyone knew I had just had a baby.

No one was expecting me to be in perfect shape.'

Now Emma is buzzing about her former bandmate Mel C's pregnancy. She said: 'She'll be the most amazing mother.

She's an absolute natural with children.'
Emma Bunton

Emma looked confident in a black minidress as she helped X Factor judge Dannii Minogue select her final three contestants


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