Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Sophie Anderton undergoes liposuction on TV to resurrect modelling career

Fading model Sophie Anderton has resorted to desperate measures to revive her non-existent career.

After being exposed as an escort girl last year, her profile has plummeted along with her earnings.
Sophie Anderton

Sophie Anderton reveals her thighs and bottom as the cosmetic surgeon prepares her for lipsuction procedure on TV show Wags World

Sophie Anderton

The desperate model hoped to revive her modelling career and rid herself of the dreaded orange peel skin

The model agreed to undergo a cosmetic surgery treatment to rid herself of cellulite on a cable television show, in a last-ditch attempt to resuscitate her career.

Although as she's now 31, it's unclear what sort of career she has left to salvage.

Sophie can be seen exposing herself - and her bottom - to the camera while talking to an interviewer from the Wedding TV channel.
Sophie Anderton

Suck it up: The whole thing was televised and Sophie even had interviewer Lizzie Cundy present

Sophie chose to undergo a new liposuction procedure in a bid to get rid of cellulite on the top of her legs, so she can salvage her modelling career and to feel comfortable walking around her boyfriend.

She agreed to be filmed during it and to be interviewed by the show's presenter WAG Lizzie Cundy, who stood by Anderton as she had the procedure done at a Harley Street medical centre.

Sophie was seen on WAGs World, which promises a sneak peek behind the scenes of the glitzy glamorous world, inhabited by the wives and girlfriends of the UK's most famous football stars.

Host Lizzie is the wife of ex-Spurs & Chelsea player, Jason.

Sophie is engaged to property developer Ed Buxton.

She moved into 32-year-old Ed's Fulham apartment in June.

Last year Sophie admitted she was duped into working as an escort girl.

She has previously appeared on show Celebrity Love Island.


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