Friday, October 3, 2008

Botox claim is a complete fabrication, insists Sharon Stone as she laughs off custody defeat

Smiling Sharon Stone put on a brave face after losing custody of her son and
broke her silence to denounce claims that she wanted to inject Botox into her eight-year-old son Roan's feet to stop them from smelling.

In a statement released by her lawyer, Stone denied the claims, and said: 'It is a complete fabrication'.

The comment was contained in court papers as part of Stone's custody tangles with ex-husband, Phil Bronstein.
Sharon Stone

Still smiling: Actress Sharon Stone enjoyed a relaxed lunch in LA but broke her silence to deny claims she wanted to Botox her son's smelly feet

The judge cited the alleged remark as an example of Stone's overreaction to son Roan's medical issues.

The actress was clearly keen to show she was not perturbed by the claims, as she has been seen out at various restaurants on Hollywood, including yesterday smiling broadly as she lunched with a friend.

The lawyer told People magazine: 'Sharon loves her son Roan and only wants the best for him.'

Seen wearing huge sunglasses and a Beatles T-shirt, the superstar looked relaxed and happy as she and her friend dined pair on the Sunset Strip.

Sharon Stone

Relaxing: Sharon Stone said the claims were ' a complete fabrication'

The court documents from a September 12 custody hearing said newspaper editor Bronstein 'shall have permanent sole physical custody of child' unless Stone moves closer to Bronstein in San Francisco, where Roan goes to school.

A judge ruled the star's ex-husband Phil Bronstein would provide a more 'stable' environment for the child.

And the court order stipulated the actress no longer have physical custody of Roan Joseph, despite her pleas to change the arrangement.

Stone's lawyer Marty Singer insisted she still had joint physical custody of Roan.

Singer said: ''The court order of 2007 provided that Roan was to go to school in San Francisco.

'She wanted the court to modify the order so her child could go to school in Los Angeles.

'But the court felt that, for whatever reason, that she did not meet a burden to move him out of San Francisco during the school year.'

The court documents also revealed the Superior Court judge who heard the custody case accused the 50-year-old 'Basic Instinct' star of 'overreacting' to medical issues involving Roan.

The judge turned down her request to move the boy to Los Angeles.


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