Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Sadie Frost poses naked and airbrush-free at 44

After a string of celebrities appearing on magazine covers photoshopped to within an inch of their lives, it is refreshing to hear that one star has ordered her pictures not be retouched.

It is even more admirable that Sadie Frost, who is best known for her partying days with Kate Moss and marriages to Jude Law and Gary Kemp, has also agreed to do the pictures naked.

Luckily for the 44-year-old mother-of-four, she has few blemishes to worry about.

Braving the cold: Sadie Frost strips off to show women her body is real and natural for photographs which were not retouched

Sadie, who weighs eight stone, claims she wants to show women that her body is real and natural and that being a celebrity does not mean having a perfect figure.

She said: 'I want to make a big point here. It's not about taking my clothes off and using digital trickery to make me look slimmer.

'I'm like any other woman. I have bits I like - my boobs, my shoulders, my arms - and bits I don't - my bum and my stomach.'

Jude Law's ex, who posed for Grazia magazine and guest edited the issue, said women should be proud of who they are.

But she also admitted: 'I'm in my forties. I can't believe it happened. I can't make myself look any younger but I can do what I can to make myself look the best I can.'

Sadie, who is a vegetarian and who eats healthily, said she had been tempted in the past to look into surgery on her under-eye bags but said she now uses frozen peas on them instead.

The actress, model and designer, is now single after ending her relationship with Jackson Scott, who was 14 years her junior.

She was previously married to Gary Kemp (they split in 1995) and Jude Law (they divorced in 2003) and has also suffered from post-natal depression.

In 2002, her father David Vaughan also fell ill.

'I couldn't eat... I went down to about 7 stone and it was a very unhealthy place for me. I dealt with my sadness, my loss, my grief by going out drinking and partying.

'Everyone has an opinion. You may not be doing the right thing but you're just doing anything to get through the pain.'

Sadie, who starred in a one-woman show last year, is appearing on stage in Fool For Love and Richard III in the next few weeks.

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