Friday, January 15, 2010

Susana, her new boyfriend and a scandal

Susana, her new boyfriend and a scandal

For the first time, the diva was in public with her new partner, Damian Popiloff, In a hotel in Punta del Este. But the issue ended in an unexpected battle, when security personnel luxurious building physically assaulted several journalists from Argentina. Find out about what happened.

It was a very special night Susana GiménezIn a very luxurious hotel Punta del Este. For the first time, the diva of the phones was public with his new partner, Damian Papiloff, while Julio Iglesias gave a recital.

So far so jewel, but what happened? When the driver and her boyfriend tried to pose in the lobby for photographers and journalists present, "Argentinian was to Paparazzi, People, Pronto and Faces- Take some pictures, hotel security staff began to attack reporters.

Amid the jostling, shouting, hitting, running and before the eyes of His atonic, who could not believe it, the security agents, were about 50 - are adamant especially with a journalist Soon, Which lay on the ground and was beaten by all the wines.
To all this, Susan got in the hotel elevator with his partner, who was very frightened.

Moreover, this morning the journalists made the complaint at a police station for Punta del Este.

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