Friday, January 15, 2010

Victoria Beckham looks better with her deflated chest

Victoria Beckham looks better with her deflated breast

Still, when Victoria appeared in LA looking a lot less curvy than she has in the past, it made front-page news.

Perhaps it was all just a trick of the light. But photos of Posh from 2006 and 2007 reveal a cleavage that would have Jessica Rabbit spitting with envy.

And now Victoria looks... natural. She looks like she did when she was 10 years’ younger. Smaller. It suits her – she is a slim, whippet-thin girl. She is simply not constructed to be walking around with a couple of giant air bags in front of her.

It is not just cosmetic surgery that can change a woman’s curves. Time does it. So does having children. And bras can make breasts rise and fall like the Roman Empire.

“I’m completely natural,” Victoria’s said, and – whatever she’s had done or not done before – it is certainly true now.

And she looks terrific.

She looks the way she is meant to look. Her ever-changing breasts are back to roughly where they should be.

Even if Victoria has always been as natural as a tub of organic yoghurt, her ever-changing shape reminds us that breast enhancement – sorry, but if I say, “fake boobs” then I will have to slash my wrists – is always a rotten idea.

Women think men like fake breasts but, in fact, we hate them. They feel like something you buy from IKEA. They make any kind of tumour infinitely harder to detect. They cause pain, loss of sensitivity and loss of symmetry.

Natural from her hair to her painted toenails Victoria may be yet she is a role model for growing girls thinking of getting on the butcher’s slab.

Breast enhancement is an act of female mutilation. In 50 years, it will be seen as an act of insanity. Victoria Beckham’s pert, natural look is ­definitely the way to go.

Nobody wants to look like an orange blow-up sex doll when they are doing the school run. Apart from Jordan.

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