Monday, April 12, 2010

deepika padukone and upen patel photoshoot

Steamy pictures of Deepika Padukone with Upen Patel Hot Photoshoot. These Photos, which are apparently some three years old had been taken as a part of some photoshoot. The question here is: Why are they all over the net now? It could be some prank from a naughty mind. Some also blame Upen for it saying that since Deepika is a hot property now, he has deliberately released these pics as a part of cheap publicity and to revive the rumours of him and Deepika.

Says a source close to Deepika, Why are these pictures coming out now? After three years? Right now Deepika is hot property; be a co-incidence that these pictures are suddenly popping up in everyone mailboxes.

Upen has defended the allegations by being blissfully aware, The pictures are something from the past. I don't even remember them, if you know what I mean. I did some photo shoot with her for Wendell many years ago. Who ever is behind spreading these pictures has an agenda to spoil my image in the public eye but I am not at fault here.

Whoever may be at fault, you guys treat your eyes with some hot pics of a hot chick with a hot model.

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