Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Danielle Bux shows off nifty footwork of her own on the beach

He was his country's top scorer in his footballing days, but it was Gary Lineker's wife who displayed the sharper footwork in Barbados this week.

Danielle Bux, who now uses her husband's surname, kicked off a little Wales vs England tussle by giving her new husband a cheeky boot up the Arsenal.

Gary, 49, tried to mount a counter attack, but his wife's defence held firm and the former England and Spurs striker was left floundering in the sea, almost crashing to the ground in what could have well have been a yellow card offence.

Free kick: The Welsh lingerie model model uses her left foot to give her husband Gary a playful prod in his rear

With dreadful weather conditions sweeping the nation, it's no wonder the couple have upped sticks for warmer climes.

Gary and Danielle are currently holidaying in Barbados, along with a rash of various celebrities.

Danielle, 30, looked the picture of beauty in a bathing suit in the colours of her home country as the couple hit the beach before their Match Of The Day began.

Good in the air: The football pundit leaps into the air, while his wife braces herself, as a small wave rushes towards them

Meanwhile Gary went topless in just a pair of Bermuda shorts in England's traditional team colours.

The TV presenter showed he has a pair of hands as safe as Peter Shilton's by holding on tight to his wife as they strolled along the white sandy beach.

Danielle will no doubt be pleased to learn her native country is currently covered in a blanket of snow while she suns herself on the warm Caribbean beaches.

Referee! Ex-England striker Gary Lineker puts his arms out as he attempts to keep his balance in the sea

Other stars currently taking in the sunshine on the island include Rihanna, the Sugababes, Jude Law and Sienna Miller.

The latter two have been pictured together on the island, confirming reports that their romance is back on.

Meanwhile the Sugababes, Amelle, Heidi and Jade, took some much needed R and R in the Caribbean resort.

Safe pair of hands: Gary Lineker strolls along the beach in Barbados hand-in-hand with his wife Danielle Bux

Upfront display: The couple have escaped the current spell of bad weather spreading across the country

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